Art 1
Stamp Art
This was the first project i did in class. I did it by creating a design then scapping it out in a rubber stamp. Then i rolled ink over the top of it and stamped it on a piece of paper. We made six different ones, but these are my 3 favorite.
Art 1
Still Life Drawing
This is the still life drawing. i didnt really like this project. I thought it was kinda boring.

Art 1
Flower Power
I made this project by drawing a flower and coloring it with oil pastels, then using water color for the background. I liked doing this project because i like using oil pastels and blending the colors together.

Art 1
Elephant Scratch Art
For this project i drew an elephant then transfered it onto a piece of scratch paper. i used a pin and scratched off the black that was over the top of silver, which makes the drawing pop out more. Im really happy with the way this project tuned out.

Art 1
Sketch Book
This is a sketch book that i did. I got the idea for it by looking up random things online. I used oil pastels for the background so that i could blend the color

Art 1
Sketch book
This was probably my favorite sketch book of the whole year. I like doing these kinda sketches where there are just a bunch of random things. This sketch took me about 4 days to complete.
Art 1
Woven Drawing
This project was done by taking to pictures and weaving them together then drawing it. This project only took me about a week to do and was a lot easier then i excepted it to be. It was by far my favorite project that we did this year and i think that it turned out pretty good.